After Memory III // Elena Cremona

"Investigating the concept of distorted memories and reality, as well as the idea of nostalgia, After Memory is a photographic exploration based on the recollection of distant memories, and a quest to unravel the uncertainty that is Nostalgia.
Each individual has their own perceptions and ideas of the world as a whole that is derived from their personal experiences, such as memories. These memories can be triggered by a specific place within the world. I recently traveled to India where certain memories of my past where confronted with the progression of myself in the now and in the future.
To me, photography disrupts, makes conscious and redraws invisibles lines. In doing so, it reminds me that though my life moves forward and leaves behind past memories, it is I who creates sense through those memories. It is I who creates a new memory through the uncertain states and vulnerabilities of life."

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